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Guinea Pigs eating hay from the hay rack

Guinea Pig Hay

Grass hay is the most important part of your guinea pig’s diet and should be constantly available for them to eat. Without it, they will become ill.

We use Pillow Wad Meadow Hay which our six piggies absolutely love!

Four guinea pigs eating hay

Why Do Guinea Pigs Need to Eat So Much Hay?

Hay helps the digestive system of your guinea pigs. Also, their teeth are continuously growing and eating hay keeps them from getting too long. 

What Is the Best Hay For Guinea Pigs?

Timothy Hay or Meadow Hay are the best grass hay for guinea pigs, but make sure you buy one that is good quality.

Our Guinea Pigs eating Pillow Wad Meadow Hay
Our Piggies at Guinea Piggles eating Pillow Wad Meadow Hay which they love!

Because guinea pigs are prone to respiratory infections, it is essential that there is as little dust as possible. When you buy the hay, it should say that it's "dust-extracted". Also, make sure when you buy the hay that it is clean and not musty or mouldy. It should have a pleasant fresh smell to it.

Meadow Hay for Guinea Pigs
Pillow Wad Meadow Hay

Is Alfafa Hay Suitable?

Alfafa hay is fine for young guinea pigs, pregnant and nursing mothers but should not be given on a regular basis to other adult guinea pigs as it contains too much calcium. Because it is so high in calcium, eating Alfafa Hay regularly can lead to bladder stones, particularly in older cavies.

Alfalfa should be an occasional treat and not a substitute for quality grass hay.

Guinea Pig Hay Rack

It is a good idea to place the feeding hay in a Hay Rack within your guinea pig cage. This will ensure that there is always enough clean and unsoiled hay for them to eat. Hay racks, mangers or feeders come in various styles. Some hook over the bars of the cage and others are freestanding and usually made of wood for stability. You can also make your own as we have for our C&C cage.

If you're buying a hay rack, make sure it is suitable for Guinea Pigs. Even if it says it is, it may not be so check out the reviews to find out what other Guinea Pig owners say about it.

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