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Caring for a guinea pig

How to Take Care of a Guinea Pig

    Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Caring for Guinea Pigs, featuring vital information, daily and weekly care routines, and estimated expenses for the best care.

    young guinea pig

    How to Clean a Guinea Pig Cage

      Hate cage cleaning? See my step-by-step method with tips and time-saving hacks for simple and speedy guinea pig cage cleans.

      How To Cut Guinea Pig Nails

      How to Cut Guinea Pig Nails

        Clear instructions on how to easily cut your guinea pig’s nails including overgrown, curly and black nails, plus essential tools needed.

        Child bonding with her guinea pig

        How To Bond With Your Guinea Pig

          Ultimate guide to bonding with your guinea pig: learn how to pick up, hold, pet, tame, and engage in play, with 5 fun games for a happy pet.