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About Me & Guinea Piggles

Hello, I’m Monique and this website has been created by me to help you look after your own guinea pigs. Over several years, I’ve nurtured a deep passion for guinea pigs, learning and advocating for their proper care and wellbeing. My journey with these precious pets has been full of love, learning, and unexpected adventures.

Our first guinea pigs

The adventure began when my daughter (nicknamed Bug) turned 15. She finally convinced us to add two guinea pigs to our family which already included two cats. We welcomed Baileys and Brandy, two beautiful female Abyssinians, marking the start of a fun and educational journey.

Two Abyssinian Guinea Pigs
Our first two guinea pigs Baileys and Brandy

More guinea pigs!

Bug adored these little pets and soon Lychee, a female silkie guinea pig joined the family.

Adult Silkie Guinea Pig With Long Hair
Lychee, a silkie guinea pig

Our herd eventually grew to seven – six females and one neutered male, Mr. Jaffas. We built a spacious enclosure, creating a harmonious and lively environment.

Mr Jaffas Crested Guinea Pig
Mr Jaffas, a neutered male guinea pig

My guinea pig journey

Initially, I underestimated what it took to care for guinea pigs. This realisation spurred me to learn as much as I could with hands-on experience and extensive research to understand their unique needs and provide the best care for them.

Pair Of Guinea Pigs Sunny Sparkles
Sunny, an Abyssinian and Sparkles, a Sheba Mini Yak

What started as Bug’s interest became my passion, as I gradually took over the care of our growing guinea pig family.

Introducing our guinea pigs

Our guinea pig family has evolved over the years. We now have three adorable members:

Sir Winston (Winnie)

Winnie - a neutered male Lunkarya guinea pig
Winnie – A Lunkarya Guinea Pig

Winnie is a gorgeous boy Lunkarya guinea pig with thick, curly hair and stunning red eyes. He was born around March 2021 and we adopted this nervous bundle from a rescue centre when our previous beautiful boy, Mr Jaffas, went over the rainbow bridge. His previous owner could no longer care for him and he didn’t have a friend at the time so we really hoped he would bond with our herd.

When he was introduced to the girls, he was absolutely delighted! We recorded this and you can watch the video (below)

Miss Honey

Miss Honey is a golden silkie guinea pig with a friendly and gentle demeanor. She’s particularly fond of cuddles and has a charming habit of coming to the front of her cage for attention and pea flakes.

Born around January 2018, her journey to our home is a touching one. Her previous owner deeply loved her and had cared for two guinea pigs. However, after the sad passing of Miss Honey’s companion, she noticed how much Miss Honey missed having a friend. 

Miss Honey - a golden silkie guinea pig
Miss Honey – A Silkie Guinea Pig

Despite her strong attachment to Miss Honey, she selflessly decided that her beloved pet needed a new home where she could find companionship again. It was with this loving intention that she entrusted Miss Honey to a rescue centre, from where we were lucky enough to adopt her. In our home, Miss Honey quickly settled in, flourishing in the company of her new friends and filling a special place in our hearts.


Marigold, born in October 2020, is a smooth, short-haired guinea pig, has a shiny coat of mostly black with touches of tan. We welcomed her into our family from a rescue centre, along with her sister Primrose and their mother Florence. They were part of a rescue from a less-than-ideal breeding situation.

Marigold - a smooth short haired black and tan guinea pig
Marigold – A Short Haired Guinea Pig

Tragically, we lost Florence when she was about two and a half years old, and a few months later, Primrose also passed away. Each of them had a unique and friendly personality, always ready for a gentle stroke in their enclosure.

Marigold, in contrast, is naturally more timid. Despite her initial nervousness, she has gradually grown more comfortable and sociable, especially when enticed with her favourite pea flakes. Her journey of trust and confidence is a reminder of the distinct personalities each guinea pig possesses.

Where to start with guinea pigs

My primary goal is to enhance the wellbeing of as many guinea pigs as possible. I aim to achieve this by empowering new guinea pig owners with the knowledge and resources necessary to provide the best care for these wonderful animals.

White Albino Guinea Pig
Florence, Marigolds mother

For those new to the world of guinea pigs, a great starting point is our “How to Care for Guinea Pigs” page. It’s packed with comprehensive information, covering the essentials of guinea pig care and helping you understand what these adorable pets need for a happy and healthy life.

Additionally, if you’re considering adding guinea pigs to your family, our ‘Buying and Adopting Guinea Pigs‘ page is an invaluable resource. It offers detailed guidance on where to find guinea pigs, how to responsibly adopt them, and tips for choosing the right guinea pigs to match your lifestyle and home environment.

How can you support Guinea Piggles?

The health and happiness of guinea pigs are my utmost priorities, as I absolutely love these small furries! On this site, I carefully select and recommend products specifically tailored for guinea pigs, ensuring they meet standards of safety and suitability. Please note that I may earn a small commission if you purchase a product through the links provided. This helps support the website.

In addition to product recommendations, I offer specially designed printable care sheets. These sheets are a practical tool to assist you in maintaining a structured routine for the daily care and feeding of your guinea pigs.

The revenue generated from these endeavours enables me to dedicate time to updating content, conducting thorough research, and ensuring that you have access to the most comprehensive and helpful guinea pig care information possible.

My hope is that the resources and insights shared here will assist you in providing a wonderful, enriching life for your guinea pigs, filled with the care and attention they deserve.

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