Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples


Apples are one of the most sugary fruits, so it’s important to only feed it in moderation to your guinea pigs. Let’s take a look at what types of apple can be given to guinea pigs, how much and how often they should be…

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apricot?


Nutritional information for apricot Below is the nutritional value per 100g of apricot Vitamin C: 10 mg Calcium: 13 mg Phosphorous: 23 mg Fibre: 2 g Sugar: 9.2g

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Asparagus?


Nutritional information for asparagus Below is the nutritional value per 100g of asparagus Vitamin C: 5.6 mgCalcium: 24 mgPhosphorous: 52 mgFibre: 2.1 gSugar: 1.9 g

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bananas?


Banana and banana skin (if organic) can be fed to guinea pigs as a rare treat in a very small bite sized chunk but the main part of your guinea pig’s fresh food portion should be leafy vegetables and herbs. Are bananas good for…

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Basil?

Basil plant

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Basil? Guinea pigs can eat basil but let’s look a little more into how good it is for our small pets and how often it is safe to feed them this popular herb. Basil is a favourite herb with humans…

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Beetroot and Beet Greens?

beetroot and beet greens

Nutritional information for beetroot Below is the nutritional value per 100g of beetroot Vitamin C: 4.9 mg Calcium: 16 mg Phosphorous: 40 mg Fibre: 2.8 g Sugar: 6.8 g High in oxalates. Nutritional information for beet greens Below is the nutritional value per 100g of beetroot Vitamin C: 30…

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bell Peppers?


Guinea pigs can eat sweet bell peppers in all the different colours including green, red, yellow and orange. But can guinea pigs eat the whole pepper including the seeds and pith? Let’s take a look at what parts of the sweet bell pepper is…

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Blueberries?


Nutritional information for blueberries Below is the nutritional value per 100g of blueberries Vitamin C: 9.7 mg Calcium: 6 mg Phosphorous: 12 mg Fibre: 2.4 g Sugar: 10 g

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bok Choy (Pak Choi)?

Bok Choy (also known as Pak Choi or Chinese Cabbage)

Bok choy, also known as pak choi, is a variety of Chinese cabbage that is a safe leafy vegetable for your guinea pigs to eat, along with a mix of other fresh veggies. Let’s look at what nutrition this Chinese leaf offers your guinea…

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli?


Can guinea pigs eat broccoli? Guinea pigs can eat broccoli but let’s take a look at the nutrition to find out how good this green vegetable really is and how often it’s safe to feed your piggies. How much vitamin C is in broccoli?…