Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cages – Buying Guide

ginger and white guinea pig looking out of his cage

With so many indoor cages for sale in pet shops and online it is difficult to know which one is best. If you are unsure what to look for, this guide will help you determine what is a good guinea pig cage, and also what to avoid, to help you find the perfect indoor cage for your guinea pigs.

What is the Best Bedding for Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pig having a cuddle with his owner

There are many different types of bedding to choose from for your guinea pigs’ cage with everything from traditional pine shavings to fleece liners. When deciding on which guinea pig bedding to use, you need to consider the absorbency, smell and cost but you…

C&C Cages for Guinea Pigs UK

four guinea pigs in a row

Quick Links What is a C&C Cage? What does C&C stand for? What do I need to for a C&C cage? C&C cage sizes What you need for 2×3, 2×4, 2×5, 2×6 How to make a C&C cage step by step How to make…

Best Guinea Pig Hutches: THE ULTIMATE Buying Guide

black and white guinea pig peeking out of wooden hideout

If you are housing your guinea pig in an outdoor hutch, you will need to buy a good, large solid and sturdy wooden hutch where your guinea pigs feel safe and happy. The hutch will also need to stand up to bad weather and…

What Size Should a Guinea Pig Cage Be?

several guinea pigs in a cage

Guinea pigs need a big cage and the RSPCA in the UK and Humane Society of the United States recommend a MINIMUM size for two guinea pigs of 7.5 square feet (0.7 square metres). This represents a cage that is approximately 4ft x 2ft…

What are the Best Guinea Pig Beds & Hideouts 2021?

guinea pig in a woven ball hideout

There are many different types of beds and hideouts for guinea pigs with everything from patterned fleece hammocks, snuggle sacks and cuddle cups, to wooden hides that can be tucked away in the corner or those that look like more luxury log cabins. Quick…

Best Guinea Pig Runs for Indoors & Outdoors

ginger guinea pig outdoors eating grass

The best guinea pig runs and playpens like the large Outdoor Trixie Run will offer plenty of space for your guinea pigs to exercise and run around. These enclosures must also be secure, providing a safe environment for your small pets to play. Best…

Fleece Bedding and Fleece Liners

guinea pig in fleece blanket

Fleece is a popular choice for guinea pig owners when it comes to guinea pig bedding. In fact, in our poll, over 60% of people said they used fleece liners in their cage. However, there are pros and cons to all types of bedding…

Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Cage Review & How to Expand

pair of cute guinea pigs side by side

The Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Cage is one of the most popular cages with guinea pig owners. With so many unsuitable cages being sold for guinea pigs, we are passionate about educating people about which cages are best.   So let’s take a look…

Pine Bedding (Wood Shavings)

a grey guinea pig and ginger guinea pig on pine bedding

Pine wood shavings are a popular bedding for guinea pigs but are they a good option and are they safe for your small pets? Is pine bedding good for guinea pigs? Pine bedding is a good choice for guinea pigs but it is important…