8 Tips on How to Get Your Guinea Pig to Trust You

a trusting guinea pig

Getting a guinea pig to trust you takes time and patience, because guinea pigs are naturally very nervous animals.  In the wild, guinea pigs would have been prey for many other animals, so it is in their nature to run for their lives when…

How to Look After a Guinea Pig

happy girl holding her guinea pig

Guinea pigs make wonderful pets but it is vital they get proper care to ensure they are happy and healthy. Below is a comprehensive guide with lots of tips on how to take care of your guinea pigs for beginners as well as for…

What are the best toys for guinea pigs 2021?

cute short haired guinea pig

There are many toys you can buy for guinea pigs but not all of them are safe and many are not the kind of toy a guinea pig will play with or use. So we’ve put together this “Best Toys for Guinea Pigs” guide…

Guinea Pig Care Sheets & Checklists

baby guinea pig in girl's hand

There are many tasks you’ll need to remember to do regularly when it comes to caring for your guinea pigs. Our Care Sheets will help you keep organised and on track with all your guinea pig tasks.

How to Hold and Pick Up a Guinea Pig

girl with her long-haired guinea pig

It might seem like the most natural thing in the world; to pick up a small animal, give them a cuddle and a stroke before returning them safely to their cage.  However, handling a guinea pig requires a great deal of care in order…

A Complete Guide to Caring For Your Guinea Pig’s Teeth

ginger guinea pig eating a piece of sweet red bell pepper

Dental hygiene is a vitally important part of caring for any animal and problems with the teeth can cause different ailments and problems. As humans, we know how painful toothache can be and how it affects our appetite and mood. With guinea pigs, proper…

Can a Guinea Pig Live Alone?

pair of guinea pig friends

Can a Guinea Pig Live Alone?

What to do when your Guinea Pig Dies

Abyssinian guinea pig outdoors on the grass

When your guinea pig dies you may have to decide on a burial or cremation, deal with any emotions this may involve for you and your family, particularly children, look out for signs of depression in the guinea pigs who have lost their friend…

Guinea Pig Grooming Guide

girls lying down with cute beige guinea pig

Grooming your guinea pig is part of the regular (and often daily) maintenance that your small pet will need.  A grooming session can include brushing their hair (they have hair, not fur!), bathing and nail clipping but not all these tasks need to be…

A Guide on How to Cut Guinea Pig Nails

pure white guinea pig on person's hand

Like our nails, guinea pig nails are continuously growing. In the wild they file down naturally but when kept domestically their toenails don’t have the opportunity to do this. That means we have the task of cutting their nails to prevent them from curling…