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Best Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutches UK: Buying Guide

Investing in an extra large, well-constructed, solid wooden hutch is essential if you opt for an outside living environment for your guinea pigs. A suitable enclosure should ensure their safety and provide a comfortable and happy space for them to thrive in.

In this article, we will look at 3 of the best hutches that I personally recommend, all of which are available to buy in the UK:

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What Kind of Hutch Does a Guinea Pig Need?

Space Requirements

It is crucial to ensure there is ample space for your guinea pig to exercise when selecting a suitable outdoor hutch.

I recommend a minimum size of around 152cm x 60cm (5ft x 2ft) on a single level for two guinea pigs. If the hutch includes a large, permanently attached run, you can opt for a slightly smaller hutch size, as the run will provide additional space for exercise.

Guinea Pig Care Sheets - Printable PDF Download - Checklists, Logs and Information Sheets

Hutch Flooring

Ensure that the floor of the wooden hutch is smooth and free of any protruding nails or screws, as these can harm your guinea pigs. Consider laying down lino over the wood, which makes cleaning easier and provides a smoother surface for your pets.


A well-designed outside enclosure should be easy to access, typically featuring a top opening and front doors. A top opening is beneficial for safely handling your guinea pigs, especially if they are nervous, as it reduces the risk of them falling out and getting injured or lost. 

Ideally, the hutch should be raised off the ground, as this heightens the guinea pigs’ sense of security and simplifies cleaning.

Multi-Level Hutches

Many outdoor hutches come with a second level, which is fine as long as your guinea pig can comfortably use the ramp. 

Be mindful that as guinea pigs age, their mobility may decrease due to stiffening joints, making it difficult or painful for them to climb ramps. It’s important to consider this in your hutch selection, especially for older guinea pigs.

Protection From Predators

Housing guinea pigs outside means they’re potentially at risk from predators like foxes and rats. Ensure the hutch is sturdy and constructed from solid wood to offer sufficient protection. 

Standard latch for an outdoor guinea pig hutch
Standard latch for an outdoor guinea pig hutch

The wire mesh on the front should be fox-proof, and you should carefully check the bolts of the enclosure. Foxes can sometimes open loose bolts, so ensure they are tight or consider upgrading them for better security.

Preventing Escapes

It’s also crucial to ensure the hutch is escape-proof. Guinea pigs that escape their outdoor hutch are often challenging to find, which exposes them to numerous dangers.

Weatherproofing the Hutch

You must prepare your guinea pig’s outside hutch for all kinds of weather, including protection from rain, wind, and cold, as well as shelter from direct sunlight and hot temperatures. 

Proper insulation and ventilation are essential for keeping your guinea pigs comfortable throughout the year. Read our articles on how to protect guinea pigs in hot weather and ways to keep them warm in winter.

Best Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutches In the UK

Here are a selection of outdoor guinea pig hutches, all available in the UK, which meet the necessary requirements:

1. Single-Storey Guinea Pig Hutch: 6ft Chartwell

This outdoor hutch stands out for its ample interior space (approximately 1 square metre or 10.2 square feet) and sturdy construction. It’s divided into a mesh-protected play area and a cosy sleeping space, with pull-out trays for easy cleaning. This large enclosure also has a 5ft version, but its interior space doesn’t meet my recommended size, measuring 0.8 square metres or 8.4 square feet.

5ft outdoor guinea pig hutch
Outdoor Chartwell Guinea Pig Hutch

The Chartwell hutch has legs to raise it above ground level and can be elevated further using a leg kit, improving accessibility for maintenance purposes.

View the 6ft Chartwell Hutch on Amazon >

2. Kendal Guinea Pig Hutch With Run

My Top Recommended Outdoor Hutch : The best outdoor hutch is the Kendal Hutch and Run, comprising a large raised living area and an attached run accessible via a ramp. 

This combination offers an ideal mix of security and space. While ramps can be a concern, in this particular model, the run’s size allows for the possibility of replacing a steep ramp with one that’s longer and less steep for easier access. 

I suggest adding a firmly secured towel or similar material to enhance the ramp’s safety and traction.

View the Kendal Hutch & Run on Amazon >

3. Chartwell Double and Triple-Storey Hutch

Chartwell Multi-Tier Options: Chartwell offers 6ft two-tier and three-tier hutches for those with more than two guinea pigs. These multi-level options maintain the same quality as the single-storey enclosures, ensuring a spacious and secure habitat for your pets.

View the Double Level Chartwell Hutch on Amazon >
View the Triple Level Chartwell Hutch on Amazon >

Assembly Note: Please be aware that the hutches we recommend for outside typically come as flat-packed packages. These require assembly, which is generally straightforward. If you don’t feel confident about assembling it, seeking help from a local handyman or a friend competent in DIY is advisable.

Chartwell hutch as a flatpack
Most hutches come flat-packed (this is the Chartwell hutch – more info below)

4ft and Smaller Hutches

Not Recommended: While smaller hutches like 4ft options are on the market, they are generally too cramped for guinea pigs and do not meet their welfare needs. It’s crucial to prioritise sufficient space for their health and happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does An Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutch Cost?

Quality outdoor hutches that meet the size requirements for guinea pigs range from approximately £170 to over £300 in the UK. Remember, investing in a high-quality hutch is crucial for the safety and security of your pets.

Can I Buy a Second-Hand Guinea Pig Hutch?

Purchasing a second-hand guinea pig hutch is a viable option. However, inspecting its structural integrity is essential, as its exposure to varying weather conditions is unknown. Ensure the wood is not rotting, and there are no holes or signs of degradation. 

Check the interior space is large enough before committing to purchase.

Also, a thorough cleaning with a pet-safe cleaner is necessary to prevent potential disease transmission from previous occupants.

Can I Make My Own Guinea Pig Hutch?

Building your own outdoor guinea pig hutch is doable. Use weather-resistant and pet-safe wood, and ensure the mesh is sturdy and fox-proof for maximum safety.

Guinea pig cage with fox-proof wire mesh
Guinea pig cage with fox-proof wire mesh

Can I Paint an Outdoor Hutch?

Yes, painting your outdoor hutch is a great idea, but it’s vital to use pet-safe paint. Cuprinol Garden Shades is an excellent choice, offering a variety of colours while providing additional wood protection.

Further Information on Housing Your Guinea Pig

This guide focuses on outdoor hutches, but many guinea pig owners prefer keeping their pets indoors. This preference for an indoor setup usually stems from concerns over the dangers posed by outdoor environments. Also, keeping guinea pigs indoors creates a closer bond between your guinea pigs and family members.

For comprehensive guidance on different aspects of guinea pig housing, check out the following resources:

Written by Monique, an experienced guinea pig owner with the guinea pigs’ best interests at heart. Find out more about me here.

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