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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumbers?

Cucumbers are a safe food for Guinea Pigs to eat and although they are not very high in nutritional value, guinea pigs absolutely love them. Because they have a high water content (95%), it is a good vegetable to feed them when the weather is very hot as they find it refreshing.

Slice the cucumber or make cubes and include the skin, flesh and seeds - it's all safe for your cavy to eat. We tend to cube our cucumber as our piggies have a habit of picking them up in their little hands/feet and going round the edge to eat the skin! Then they will sometimes leave the middle. There is probably more nutrition in the skin so at least they are choosing the best bit! 

You can feed cucumber a few times a week to your guinea pigs.


Staple Food: Feed a few times a week

Vitamin C

2.8mg per 100g


16.0mg per 100g


24.0mg per 100g

Calcium : Phosphorous