Celery (Stalks and Leaves)

Celery with leaves

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery?

Guinea pigs can eat celery but can they eat the whole plant including the stringy parts and the leaves? And what nutrition does it offer your guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs can eat celery. They can also eat the celery leaves which are probably better than the stalks that we’re more familiar with.

Usually the supermarkets will sell celery stalks with most or all of the leaves chopped off which is a great shame and seems like such a waste too.

However if you have a local fruit and veg market, you might be able to get your celery with all the leaves intact.

Celery strings

Guinea pigs have sharp teeth and shouldn't have any problems with the stringy part of the celery.

Remember, they spend most of their day munching on hay which  is far stringier than the strings of the celery. So despite what you may hear, there is no need to remove the strings.


Celery is very low in vitamin C compared to many other fruits and vegetables and is relatively high in oxalates.

They need daily vitamin C in their diet as they can’t make this vitamin themselves and they shouldn't have foods that are high in oxalates in great quantities or too often.

How much celery should guinea pigs have?

Based on the nutrients celery provides,  it’s not something that would be a great daily food for your piggies. However, feeding your guinea pig celery 2-3 times a week is absolutely fine.

Mix a small piece of celery in with plenty of leafy vegetables and maybe a very small portion of fruit for a good varied diet.

A whole celery stick is too much and about a sixth of a stalk per piggy is plenty.


Feed a couple of times a week

Vitamin C

3.1mg per 100g


40.0mg per 100g


24.0mg per 100g

Calcium : Phosphorous

High in Oxalic Acid