Best Guinea Pig Cages

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Finding the best cage for your indoor guinea pigs can be difficult. It is important to buy a cage that is sturdy, safe and large enough for your guinea pigs to be happy.

To help you make the best choice, we have looked at many different cages that are for sale online in search of the ideal cage for your cavies. 

Do be aware that many on sale at pet shops and online are simply too small for the amount of room a guinea pig needs.

Plastic cages are the best option for indoor guinea pigs as they are safe and easy to clean. Below are our cage recommendations. They are all a good size and will be perfect for 2 guinea pigs:

The Top 5 Cages We Recommend

Here is a list of the best cages that are available to buy today on Amazon - click on the links to see what they look like, how much they cost and for full details.

Ferplast Casita

Measures 119 x 58cm - See further down the page for a full review of this cage.

Guinea Pig Habitat

Includes easily cleanable and removeable PVC lined canvas base (Size: 119 x 61cm). This  large cage is the one most people buy after coming to this page

Large Pawhut Cage

Size 120 x 58cm. Includes feeder and water bottle. Front and top opening

Extra Large Heritage Cage and Stand with Shelf and Wheels

Size 120 x 58cm - comes with hay rack

Extra Large Heritage Cage without Stand

Size: 119 x 58cm. Has 2 front opening doors and a top opening plus a hay rack

Ferplast Casita: A Review

The Ferplast Casita 120 is our recommended best buy and the one that we found to be the best guinea pig cage for 2 sharing.

Large Enough for 2 Guinea Pigs

The Ferplast cage is a good size measuring 119cm x 58cm x 61cm. This is one of the few cages that met the RSPCA recommended size.

Don’t be tempted to buy one of the smaller similar products they sell as guinea pig cages. Smaller cages than this are simply not big enough for the space your guinea pigs need to thrive and be happy.

This cage has a lot more height than most which gives the cage an even more spacious area to popcorn and play.

The Cage is Good Quality

This modern cage is well made and built with good quality materials. Unlike many other similar looking alternatives, the plastic is strong and durable.

The rounded roof opens which makes it easier than a side opening cage when it comes to taking your guinea pigs out for cuddles and pampering. This also makes it a lot easier to clean.

There is also a sliding door in the side of the habitat so you have the option of a top and side opening.

Accessories are Included

The accessories that are shown in the picture also come with the cage. These include:

  • Plastic food bowl
  • Water bottle
  • Plastic feeder for the hay
  • Small house that you can fill with hay so your guinea pig can feel safe and secure.

If you would rather add your own accessories, these can be removed and replaced with some of your choice.

Putting the Cage Together

The cage comes flat-packed but is very easy to put together and if for any reason you need to store it, this will help you save space. 

There are no screws. All you need to do is clip it all together, following the instructions, and it will all click into place, ready for your cavies to move in.

The instructions are detailed with pictures to show you what to do which makes this habitat easy to construct. Make sure you follow these step by step though so that you get it right first time!

Easy to Clean

The plastic base is easy to clean and easily accessible via the opening roof. This makes it a lovely hygienic home for your guinea pigs.

Stand Available as Extra Purchase

A great addition might be useful is the Ferplast stand/trolley, specially designed for this model. It keeps the cage at a good height without having to place it on a piece of furniture.

The stand is constructed from a robust metal and has wheels so that you can move it with ease when required.


In summary, this attractive Ferplast Casita 120 cage is the habitat we recommend for 2 indoor guinea pigs and gives you:

  • Ample space for your guinea pigs to be content
  • A secure and safe environment
  • Easy to clean plastic base
  • Easy to access with top opening as well as sliding side opening
  • Feeding and sleeping accessories included with the cage
  • A good quality guinea pig cage at a very good price
  • Stand available as an additional purchase

Check the Price of the Ferplast 120 Cage on Amazon

All guinea pigs need regular exercise in a large space where they can play so you will also need a good sized run.

Do You Need An Extra Large Custom Shaped Cage?

If you need an extra large guinea pig cage that you can configure to the size you require and don’t mind a bit of work in putting it all together, take a look at C&C Cages, a modular, DIY option.

However, if you want a simple cage for 2 guinea pigs that you can put together quickly, choose a standard plastic cage like the one recommended above or in our list at the top of the page.

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