Toys for Guinea Pigs

Your Guinea Pig needs toys to prevent boredom and increase their wellbeing and happiness.  

We only include the guinea pig gifts that we think are the best. Some are handmade items and cost a little more but are quite unique and well worth it. Choose from hanging toys, tunnels, beds and chews. If you love handmade items, you may want to take a look at a larger selection of handmade guinea pig gifts.

We are constantly looking for new guinea pig gifts to add to this page so please bookmark it and come back regularly! We also have some great guinea-pig themed gifts for you too.

Guinea Pig Snuggle Sack Bed

Guinea Pig Snuggle Sack Bed

As you will probably already know, guinea pigs love to hide in dark places because it makes them feel safe. 

This beautiful handmade fleece snuggle sack gives your guinea pig a lovely cosy bed which will most likely be their favourite place to curl up.

Measuring 30cm x 30cm, it is made in the UK and comes with a pee pad to absorb any urine. It is pink and blue and you can choose which way the colours go (eg pink on the inside and blue on the outside or vice versa).

Beechwood Tunnel / Bridge

Wooden Bridge for Guinea Pigs

This natural beech wood bridge is a lovely addition to your guinea pigs cage. Our guinea pigs have one and they tend to go under rather than over it and often do so with a rumble!

They also love to chew it but it's still in one piece after several months so is very robust and is great for wearing down their teeth.

It's bendable so you can make it a bit higher or lower, whatever suits you and your piggies! It probably depends on the size of you guinea pigs as to which size you will need but we have the smaller size. The larger bridge would be great for rabbits. 

Long Bendy Guinea Pig Tunnel

Bendy tunnel for guinea pigs

This tunnel is great fun for your guinea pigs. You can bend it so they have corners to race around too!

This is another toy that we bought for our cavies and they absolutely loved it. When they were in their run they would fly through it at a crazy pace, fly all the way around the pen and back into the tunnel again!

The only downside to the tunnel is that it's a bit tricky to clean if they poop inside it but we can live with that given the amount of fun they get from it and it is far more entertaining watching them racing around like mad piggies than watching TV!

Guinea Pig Cosy Tunnel

Handmade fleece tunnel for guinea pigs

This is a lovely handmade tunnel for guinea pigs in which they can cuddle up and hide or have fun running in and out of it.

This tunnel is a lovely good quality handmade item made with cotton and fleece and with a cute butterfly patterned exterior with a lilac coloured fleece inside.

The seller who makles these also makes standard fleece tunnels and four-way tunnels.

Guinea Pig Cosy Snuggly Bed

Guinea Pig Bed

Guinea Pigs absolutely love to snuggle down in cosy hidey holes and this bed is brilliant. It is fur-lined and very cosy.

We bought one of these for our guinea pigs and there is always one of our guinea pigs in there - usually our mini yak Sparkles but if she goes for a mooch around another piggy will hop in and curl up! We have had it for quite some time now so they are really robust and long-lasting.

The product says it can be washed at 30 degrees but all our guinea pig bedding is washed at 60 degrees to kill any bacteria/germs etc and it is absolutely fine.

It is great value too, click the link below to check out the price.

Fun'n'Forage Hanging Toy

Hanging Rosewood Guinea Pig Boredom Breaker Hanging Toy

This is a lovely hanging toy for your guinea pigs to play with, and pull apart.

It is safe being made from 100% natural materials so is also environmentally friendly. Our guinea pigs love this toy!

Made to Order Cuddle Cups

Cuddle Cup - Colourful Beds for Guinea Pigs

These are beautiful and colourful handmade guinea pig beds or "cuddle cups" and are available on Etsy.

They are made with 2 different coloured fleeces - one patterned and one plain. The great part is that you get to choose the exact colours/patterns that you want.

Cuddle Cups brighten up your guinea pig's cage and give them somewhere really cosy to curl up in to sleep.

Guinea Pig Play Tube

Cardboard tunnel

Guinea pigs love to run in and out of these cardboard tubes and they will also love the bright colours!

This is a great toy for your pet as it is simple things such as this which prevent them from becoming bored and keep them happy.

This tube comes in different colours and sizes - check out the variations by clicking on the link below.

Hay Covered Play and Hide Tube

Rosewood Nibbling Tube

Guinea Pigs absolutely love playing with these tubes and this one has the bonus being covered with aromatic meadow hay which they adore.

Treat your piggy with one of these great toys and they will thank you with lots of popcorning!

Guinea Pig Play Castle

This is a beautiful handmade castle for your guinea pigs to play in. They will love hiding inside it and there is even a ramp for them so that they can sit on top and be king of the castle!

It measures 18 inches x 10 inches x 10 inches.

Hanging Hive Bed

Guinea Pig Hanging Bed

Guinea pigs love to snuggle up and they will adore this hive bed which can either be hung or freestanding.

This cosy bed comes in a variety of colours/patterns including zebra print, leopard print, black quilted, cream and chocolate brown.

Measuring 30 x 30 x 25 cm, it may even fit 2 guinea pigs at a time!

Rosewood Boredom Breaker Balls

Boredom Breaker Balls for Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs love to chew and nibble on things and they will love these balls!

Made from natural materials including rattan, water hyacinth and seagrass, with no glue, plastic or metal, you can be assured that these are safe for your cavies.

They are a great guinea pig gift and will be much enjoyed by your cavies.

"Blossom Tower" - Hanging Guinea Pig Gift and Boredom Breaker

Guinea Pig Boredom Breaker Hanging Toy

A Rosewood Boredom Breaker, this bright and colourful "Blossom Tower" hanging toy should get the attention of your guinea pigs!

Guinea pigs love chewing and pulling things apart and you'll probably have just as much fun watching them.

It is made with 100% natural materials so is perfectly safe for your guinea pigs and kind to the environment too.

This is a lovely gift to hang in your cavy cage!