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Lunkarya Guinea Pig

A variation of the Peruvian cavy, the Lunkarya is the result of genetic mutations and not a crossbreed. It was originally discovered in Sweden when breeders received a litter that included a single male, Prince Adam, with odd variations in his coat. They bred him and his offspring also developed the same coat and he is the origin of the breed. 

The coat of the Lunkarya is thick, long and curly and requires regular grooming to stay free of debris and to prevent tangling. It is possible to brush out the curls but they do come back. The undercoat is particularly dense and means they are they do not tolerate extreme heat; care should be taken to ensure they are not kept in direct sunlight and that they are given plenty of shade during the summer.

Known as ‘Lunks’ for short, the Lunkarya is a very inquisitive creature and does enjoy being handled. They come in a huge variety of colours as well as three distinctive variations; the Lunkarya Peruvian, which has a dominant forelock of hair, the Lunkarya Coronet, which has a crest on its forehead and the Lunkarya Sheltie, which has waves of hair across its back.