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Baldwin Guinea Pig - a Hairless Breed

Though the Baldwin occurred as a result of mutated overbreeding, it is nevertheless a robust breed of cavy that just so happens to be bald.

Babies are often born with a fine fur but this eventually drops out to leave a soft but rubbery textured skin.

Because they aren’t native to any particular climate and are not found in the wild, Baldwin’s (naturally) prefer more temperate conditions; they do not tolerate hot and cold in the same way as their furry friends.

Remember that the fur which keeps a guinea pig warm also acts as a barrier for strong sunlight so always provide shade and a snug spot for your Baldwin when he is outdoors. The ideal conditions for them are indoors out of direct draughts and with a good size cage.

The upside of owning a hairless guinea pig is, of course, the lack of grooming but instead you will need to be particularly selective over bedding and any material you use in their environment. Sawdust, shavings and hay can all cause skin irritation so it is recommended that you use soft and/or allergen free material. You will also need to change this more frequently; again, to avoid irritation to their skin.

However, no grooming means that you will be responsible for bathing instead and Baldwin’s benefit from a light bathe with fragrance free shampoo or cleanser every few weeks. 

Baldwin’s have a slightly higher metabolic rate than other breeds of cavy so they do require more food and water.  

All that being said, these bald guinea pigs are good natured with great personalities and make great companions for children and adults.