Abyssinian Guinea Pig

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Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Known for their tufted coats (called rosettes), the Abyssinian is a common breed choice of guinea pig and one which does well in shows. An old breed, the first recorded Abyssinian in Europe was during the 16th century. 

Abyssinians are very curious and bright creatures that have a lot of personality, as well as energy. Many owners find them easy to train and exceptionally easy to handle because they like the attention. 

Their coats require brushing three to four times each week which will help keep them free of debris but also allow you the opportunity to check on their health. Unfortunately, these cheeky cavies do suffer quite a bit from illnesses so it’s important that you keep an eye on them. They don’t require bathing but you could also use grooming time to trim their nails when necessary.

As with all breeds, the Abyssinian likes a lot of space to explore so a good size cage is essential as well as some outdoor time to roam. 

They come in a wide range of colours including solid, Roan, tortoiseshell and brindle. You should note that if you intend breeding your cavy then you should never allow two Roans to mate as they carry genes that will cause deformations in the litter.