Best Guinea Pig Hutch

If you are housing your guinea pig outside, you will need to buy a good solid and sturdy wooden hutch that stands up to bad weather and potential predators.

It also needs to be one that makes a good home for your guinea pigs where they can be happy and feel safe.

Don’t be convinced into buying a hutch just because it is labelled as being suitable for guinea pigs - most of the ones we looked at were simply too small and would give your piggies a very sad life indeed. If you're looking for a large hutch and run combination, you can view the one we recommend here...

Our Recommendation: The Best Hutch to Buy for Your Guinea Pigs

The best hutch that we found for two guinea pigs is the FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch with Rain Cover.

Although it is sold as a rabbit hutch, it is equally good for cavies and the best size for a pair of guinea pigs. 

This hutch doesn’t quite meet the size requirements width-wise (it measures 120cm x 50cm whereas the recommended width is 60cm) but it is difficult to find a good quality wooden hutch that is any larger than this.

Because it has 2 levels, there is a bit more room for your guinea pigs to play so this is the one we recommend if you choose to house your cavies outside.

Double Storey

This is a two tier hutch so it gives them plenty of space to run around and be comfortable. 

Guinea pigs feel safe when they are in a dark space so the smaller top compartment is a great area for them to sleep and get cosy.  

Being on the top level, it should be a little warmer too, especially when stuffed with copious amounts of hay for them to bury themselves in.

The smaller area on the lower level would be a great place to put their food bowls. This gives them the larger compartments to stretch their legs and play.

Using the Ladder

Some guinea pigs aren’t sure about using ladders or ramps so with this double storey hutch you may need to show them how to use it. Be gentle with them and perhaps put them halfway up so that they get the idea. 

You will also need to make sure the ramp is safely locked in place each time after you clean out the cage.

Check that it can’t be pushed out of place by your guinea pigs and that it is secure so you don’t risk it falling on them.

Closing over the Ladder

The great thing about this hutch is that you can close off the ladder and keep your guinea pigs on one level if necessary. This is really useful if you are spot cleaning or if you want to ensure your pets are kept safe at night on the top level.

Opening Roof that Locks in Place

The opening roof is a really handy feature. When you are taking the guinea pigs out, there is always the chance they might run out of the doors and hurt themselves or escape. If you lock off the ladder so that they are enclosed in the top half and then open the roof, you can then safely take them out without the fear of them getting hurt or lost.

Fox-proof Bolts

Always make sure the bolts on this hutch are fully secure.

This particular product has recently been upgraded to include fox-proof latches which is a great addition. Before that, the bolts were a little loose and as foxes are very clever, they might have been able to open them. This extra safety feature gives you more peace of mind. Just make sure you lock them correctly as they are a little different to normal latches.

Felted Roof

The roof is felted so allows protection from the rain. It is constructed so the rain runs off and won't rot the wood of the hutch. 

Rain Cover

It is good that this comes with a rain cover because you will definitely need this to protect them, not just in the winter but in the summer too if it is wet.

It’s important that their bedding doesn’t become soggy as they are very susceptible to illnesses in damp conditions.

Made with Treated Wood for Durability

The wood of the hutch has been treated with a water-based anti-fungicidal animal-friendly and environmentally-friendly stain which will help keep it in good condition.

Ease of Cleaning

It is easier than some others to clean due to the slide-out tray on both the bottom and top levels. This means that you don’t need to crane your neck inside the cage to scrub it. FInd out more about cleaning the hutch.

Putting the Hutch Together

This hutch comes as a flatpack item. You will need to follow the instructions carefully and make sure it is put together so that it is strong and robust.

If you’re not particularly keen on constructing it yourself, you can sometimes find people who put together flatpack furniture for a living who will charge you a small fee to do this.


To summarise, this two-tier housing is our recommended best buy for an outdoor wooden hutch and has the following features:

  • Lots of space on two levels
  • A rain cover
  • Treated wood
  • Fox-proof latches
  • Top-opening roof that locks in place
  • Felted roof
  • The ability to lock off the ladder to keep them upstairs or downstairs when necessary
  • Easy to clean

Bear in mind that you will need a run so that your guinea pigs get the exercise they need. Although this is a good sized hutch, they need a regular run-around in a larger area.

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