Merrypigs Guinea Pig Sanctuary




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Merrypigs Guinea Pig Sanctuary is a rehabilitation and rehoming centre in Staffordshire!

Merrypigs is run by a qualified RHA (rodent health advisor) and studying Rodentologist.

Probably the littlest guinea sanctuary in the world, that means we have less pigs - and so more time to give to each one!

Piggies will be accepted (dependant on space) under any circumstances and in any condition! These little ones will be brought back to health if needed, and acclimatised to handling before being found a perfect new forever home, as well as being bonded with a new friend if they are alone.

Guinea pigs, after the excitement wears off, often become forgotten childrens pets. This mini-sanctuary aims to help a few of those piggies as well as all the others in need of a new home!

Every pig is looked after as a member of our family. They are spot cleaned daily with a full clean weekly, and are provided with unlimited fresh hay to nibble on and burrow in! Piggies are regularly health checked and each one has some time in a run daily, to exercise and have fun, although piggies all live indoors.

If a pig needs to see a vet, then it will happen as soon as possible - ill piggies are treated accurately and correctly, and kept in separate cages from the others to avoid the spread of disease.

You can be sure that any pig you surrender to us will be loved and cared for, and found the best new home through us. Any pig you adopt will be very lucky indeed to have a lovely new home!