Burrowed Hearts Animal Rescue



We are a home based small animal rescue in Sneinton, Nottingham. We are non-profit and operate on vegan ethics. We take in small animals and find them loving homes, including guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils, ferrets, degus, mice &  rabbits. We always spay/neuter & vaccinate rabbits, and spay/neuter ferrets.

Any questions feel free to email us at burrowedheartsrescue [at] outlook.com


Guinea Pig Adoption Certificate

Kids love these adoption certificates! We've designed this guinea pig adoption certificate especially for kids so they can feel a sense of responsibility when you adopt guinea pigs for them to take care of.

  • A4 printable download: print in colour or black and white
  • Fits into an A4 picture frame.
  • Fill in your guinea pig's name, adoption date and sign to make it official!
  • Hang on the wall by the guinea pig cage or your child's bedroom
  • Print as many times as you like for your own personal use.

Click here to get the adoption certificate