Guinea Pig Adoption

Our DOWNLOADABLE GUINEA PIG CARE SHEETS are available to purchase and will help you provide the best care for your guinea pigs

Sadly there are thousands of guinea pigs in rescue centres around the UK. If you are interested in adopting a guinea pig, you can search for a guinea pig rescue near you and get in contact with them to find out what their requirements are. This page will help you to get started with the adoption process. If you run a rescue centre, please find out more about how to add your rescue to Guinea Piggles...  Please consider buying our DOWNLOADABLE GUINEA PIG CARE SHEETS which will help you to care for your piggies and keep on top of all tasks.

Table of Contents

Adopt Don’t Shop

Rather than buying from a pet shop, we urge you to find a rescue centre near where you live and adopt a guinea pig. This is because there are countless guinea pigs that have been abandoned or mistreated and the sanctuaries are absolutely overloaded with these lovely but unwanted animals. 

By adopting you are supporting the #adoptdontshop ethos. Pet shops will only supply when there is demand. If we can reduce that demand, the more chance there is of the pet shops reducing their supply chain and in turn leading to less guinea pigs suffering.

Guinea Pig Care Sheets - Printable PDF Download

Rescue Centre Requirements

To ensure guinea pigs from these centres go to caring homes that are set up for the best welfare of these pets, a rescue centre will often do a home visit. They will need to see that you have the right sized cage for your new pets. Find out the size requirements and the housing we recommend for 2 guinea pigs on the following pages:

Safe fruit & veg list - Printable PDF Download

Starter kit items for your new guinea pigs

We've compiled a "starter kit list" which helps you find the best starter items for your guinea pig including links to all the products we recommend. They're also all available to purchase online to save you time. Click here to see the starter kit list...