Lettuce (Romaine/Cos/Little Gem)

Romaine or Cos Lettuce

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Romaine Lettuce?

Romaine, Cos and Little Gem lettuces all belong to the same lettuce variety and can all be eaten by Guinea Pigs. In fact, these varieties are the most nutritional lettuces and contain 6 times more vitamin C than the Butterhead lettuces (Boston and Bibb).

"Cos" is just another name for "Romaine" and one that is more common in the UK whereas Romaine is the name used in North America.  Little Gems are small versions of the Romaine/Cos lettuce.

Romaine lettuces are longer in shape than the round Butterhead variety and if you buy them from the supermarket they are often sold as "Romaine Hearts" which means they have had the outer leaves stripped. This is a shame as the outer leaves are darker and possibly contain more nutrition so look out for those with the larger leaves still intact.

Lettuce is a favourite food of guinea pigs and you'll find that when you put it in your pet's cage, it will probably disappear quickly before anything else.

As lettuces containing a sedative you should be careful not to give huge amounts but these salad vegetables can contribute to a good amount of your guinea pig's regular diet.

As with any fruit or vegetable, you should always give a good rinse through with clean tap water to remove any potential chemicals that have been used on the plant.


Staple Food: Feed a few times a week

Vitamin C

4.0mg per 100g


33.0mg per 100g


30.0mg per 100g

Calcium : Phosphorous