Dandelions (Leaves/Greens and Flowers)

Dandelions: Leaves and Flowers

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dandelions?

Although they are considered to be weeds, the great thing about dandelions is that they are free and something that guinea pigs really do enjoy.

Guinea pigs can eat both the dandelion leaves/greens as well as the flowers (and flower stems). In fact, they are also something humans can eat so you might want to tuck in too!

Foraging for dandelions is great fun and can save you a lot of money and your guinea pigs will thank you by devouring them with much  enthusiastic munching!

This common plant grows very easily in lots of places and are easy to spot with their bright yellow flowers but you should avoid any polluted areas such as roadside banks as well as fields or areas that may have been sprayed with chemicals (agricultural or pest control). Also be careful to avoid those areas where dogs may have urinated.

You might even have some in your own garden. If you have, don't pull up the whole plant, just pick the leaves and flowers and by leaving the root in place more will grow giving you a constant supply!

Dandelions are best fed fresh, straight from picking as the flowers close up quickly.

As with all vegetables, give them a good wash before feeding them to your cavies.


Feed a couple of times a week

Vitamin C

35.0mg per 100g


187.0mg per 100g


66.0mg per 100g

Calcium : Phosphorous