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Texel Guinea Pig

Originating from England, the Texel guinea pig is a crossbreed between a Rex and a Silkie; they are also known as the ‘long-haired silkie/sheltie’.

A popular crossbreed the Texel is instantly recognisable by its long curly hair and wide round head. Their coat requires a lot of attention with daily grooming essential to maintain good health and avoid tangling. For this reason, they don’t make terribly good first time pets or for younger children. You will also need to trim their hair regularly, clean their ears (the hair covers their ears) and clip their nails monthly. As with all long-haired varieties of guinea pig a regular bath is essential for good hygiene as they can drag in urine. 

Other than the extra care and attention to grooming, Texel’s make excellent pets and have great personalities. They are bold, curious and, with their amazing curly coats, very beautiful. As with all cavies, Texel’s need a large area to play in and should not be left unsupervised.