Skinny Pig

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Skinny Pig - A Hairless Guinea Pig Breed

Skinny pigs are hairless guinea pigs. They are almost entirely bald with the exception of some hair around their noses and feet. As a result, they are largely intolerant to both direct sun and cold temperatures so must be kept indoors.

Hairless breeds are popular pets for children (and adults) who suffer from allergies and because they are part of the household they can quickly become part of the family. The pigmentation of the skin on these bald guinea pigs varies a lot and you can see a range of markings from Dalmatian to albino as well as a spectrum of colours including lilac, chocolate, golden and silver. 

As they have no hair they do not require grooming in the traditional sense but their skin benefits from a fortnightly cleanse. They can also suffer from irritation from their environment so scratchy bedding is out, instead opt for allergen free softer style bedding. Hairless guinea pigs have higher metabolic rates than other cavies so they do need more food and water as well as more regular cage cleaning.

They are very intelligent animals and, if regularly handled, will be extremely affectionate too.