Silkie Guinea Pig

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Silkie (also known as Sheltie) Guinea Pig Breed

Silkies are another hugely popular breed with long sweeping locks of hair that cover their body, extending from their head. Their coats are very soft and extremely silky, hence the name, and do require care with grooming.

Their coats make them look like Hollywood movie starlets and children enjoy ‘styling’ them during grooming. A good brush through is recommended on a daily or bi-daily basis to prevent tangling and the Silkie’s easy temperament makes this a pleasure to do. 

Silkies are known for their gentle and shy natures but they do become used to attention from their owners and can be extremely affectionate and playful around them. Regular handling and coaxing the less bold Silkie will reward you with an intelligent companion.

Sometimes called ‘Shelties’, the Silkie benefits from a bath every month to keep its coat clean and healthy. This should be done by ‘spot-cleaning’ as opposed to fully submersing them in water.