Sheba Mini Yak

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Sheba Mini Yak or Bad Hair Day Guinea Pig

Although not recognised as an official breed by many breed clubs, the Sheba or Sheba Mini Yak originated in Australia as a crossbreed between an Abyssinian and a ‘wombat-faced’ Peruvian guinea pig. Their coats are scruffy and mid-length that roughly touches the floor on most adults but in some can drag when they move about. 

They are sometimes referred to as ‘the bad hair day’ cavy, Sheba’s look rumpled, crumpled and tousled which is, for many, part of their appeal. Their broad face is framed with ‘mutton-chops’ and they do have a habit of chewing their own coat, even if you give them plenty of hay to nibble instead!

Grooming is essential if only to trim the length to avoid any dragging but you will never achieve a ‘catwalk’ look with this breed. Grooming should therefore be to prevent too much tangling, to assist with hygiene and for bonding. 

They are good-natured cavies and make an excellent first time pet.