Peruvian Guinea Pig

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Peruvian Guinea Pig

Originating from Peru, and one of the oldest breeds, this beautiful cavy is very popular as a showing animal due to its unusual coat; with a silky texture and long, flowing waves of fur the Peruvian guinea pig has some unique qualities.

Although South American, the breed was developed in Europe with breeders from France and England focusing on enhancing the quality and length of the coat as well as other characteristics such as the head; smaller in proportion to its body, the head of this cavy gives it a sleek and elegant look. 

When they are born, their coats are relatively short and they have two ‘rosettes’ of fur on their rump.

Because of the length of coat (it can grow up to two-foot-long on top and seven inches beneath) regular grooming is essential with the Peruvian as daily life can help it accumulate plenty of debris in its fur. For this reason, they don’t tend to make ideal pets for children as the amount of barbering required can take too much time.

They are very social animals and require plenty of attention as well as space to move around. Due to their coat they don’t thrive in a damp or humid atmosphere so keep them somewhere dry.

Peruvians come in a range of colours but the most popular, and more widely available choice, is the tricolour of slate, cream and white.