Guinea pig (Sparkles) sitting on a cushion

Guinea Pig Harnesses & Leashes: These are Dangerous!

You may have seen harnesses, leashes and collars available to buy for guinea pigs as there are many of these being advertised for these pets online and even in some pet shops. 

Guinea pigs playing with safe toys

7 Things You Should Never Buy for Your Guinea Pig

Buying things for your guinea pig is fun and there are many temptations when visiting the pet shop.

Two guinea pigs

Guinea Pig Mites, Lice and Mange

Although tiny, parasites can cause great distress to your guinea pig and if they are not treated, mites can cause great pain and these nasty infestations can be fatal for your pet.

Guinea pig friends

Do guinea pigs bite?

Guinea pigs are very gentle pets and if they are well cared for and happy they won’t usually bite. However, there are occasions when they may gently nip or bite.

Guinea Pig Keeping Warm in a Fleece Blanket

Keep Your Guinea Pigs Warm with a Cosy Fleece Heatpad!

Guinea pigs like similar temperatures to us, so imagine how cold your guinea pigs might feel on a chilly night. A microwaveable heatpad will give them some comfort and protection.

Guinea Pig (Brandy) having a chin rub

Do Guinea Pigs Need Vaccinations?

For most pets, it is recommended by a vet and necessary for boarding that they have regular vaccinations. These vaccinations protect them against catching nasty diseases and illnesses from other pets. 

But do guinea pigs need vaccinations?

A guinea pig having his nails clipped

Where Can I Get My Guinea Pig's Nails Clipped?

Clipping a guinea pig’s nails is not an easy task. Dealing with these lovely but often wriggly pets makes cutting their nails a challenging job so if you are wondering where you can get your guinea pig’s nails clipped, you are not alone!

Sunny - our abyssinian guinea pig

Flystrike in Guinea Pigs

Flystrike, a painful and dangerous condition, poses a great danger to your pet. It is when flies lay eggs on your guinea pig or in their housing which hatch into maggots and begin eating away at the flesh of your pet. Urgent medical attention is essential.

iceberg lettuce leaves

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is not poisonous to a guinea pig but the nutritional content is very low and the high water content can cause diarrhoea. However, guinea pigs love lettuce - here are some that you should be feeding to your pet.

Mr Jaffas snuggling in a cosy fleece blanket

Guinea Pig Beds: Snuggle Sacks, Hidey Holes, Cosy Tunnels

Guinea pigs love to hide and they enjoy snuggling down somewhere that is dark and cosy as it makes them feel safe and relaxed so it's good for them to have some kind of bed. Which beds are best?

A middle aged Abyssinian Guinea Pig

What is the Average Lifespan of a Guinea Pig?

Find out about the lifespan and life cycle of a guinea pig and how to help them live to a good old age.

Check out our infographic showing their approximate age in human years!