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Posted by guineapiggles on 01 Apr 2020
guinea pig puzzles and games


With so many of you guinea pig lovers being at home, we decided to create some fun guinea pig entertainment for you and your family in the form of puzzles and quizzes. We will try to add items regularly so please check back daily. They can all be downloaded and printed as many times as you like for you and your family to use but please do not sell or distribute them in other ways.

We've tried to make them family friendly so all family members can take part. If you have any ideas for games or puzzles you'd like to see, please email us at info [at] guineapiggles.co.uk.

Please share this page with your friends and in any Guinea Pig Facebook Groups so others can enjoy the fun too! 



We thought we'd include a few crafty projects that feature guinea pigs and that you might enjoy. 

How to make an origami guinea pig

Here's a tutorial you might like on how to make an origami Guinea Pig - you can buy your origami paper here...

How to knit a guinea pig

Get a downloadable knitting pattern to create Gordon the Guinea Pig here....

How to crochet a pair of baby guinea pigs

Get your downloadable crochet pattern for a pair of Amigurumi guinea pigs here

Guinea pig needle felting kit

A complete needle felting project that includes the felt pad, wool, eyes, needles, thread and full instructions on how to make a white texel felted guinea pig

How to sew guinea pig dolls & 16 items of clothing

This is a downloadable pattern. A great project which will keep you or children entertained for many hours, days and weeks! Learn how to sew your own guinea pig dolls including 16 items of clothing. The skill level is for enthusiastic beginners as well as experts. This is a great way to pass the time and create something either for yourself or as a gift for someone else who loves guinea pigs. You can buy your pattern here..