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Posted by guineapiggles on 15 Feb 2020
Guinea pig wooden corner house

It is important that your guinea pigs have a place to go where it is dark and cosy and where they can feel safe. There are a range of products that you can choose from including snuggle sacks, wooden houses, tunnels and cosy beds.

Because guinea pigs don’t always want to share their space with their roommates it’s advisable to have enough hideys for all your guinea pigs if the space allows.

Over the years, we’ve tried out many of these products so we will tell you know what we and our guinea pigs like the best. Here are the main options:

Wooden houses

Wooden houses, when made from quality wood and built with craftsmanship, make a great space for a guinea pig to hide. They are sturdy and if built well should last for a long time. We also love the fact they are made from a natural material.

These houses can offer additional protection and warmth for outdoor guinea pigs especially if stuffed with soft hay. 

Wooden huts and houses are pretty easy to clean (just some pet friendly disinfectant and a scrubbing brush) and unlike some of the fabric beds you won’t need a second set as they will dry fast.

In our opinion, Resch offer the best wooden houses and the best range. They are constructed with solid wood (untreated spruce) and are incredibly durable. We have had the Resch corner house for some time and there is no deterioration whatsoever in the wood plus our guinea pigs haven’t chewed on it either!

Corner wooden houses are a great space saver and perfect for smaller cages or hutches. 

Resch Wooden Corner House for guinea pigs

Although we use the Resch Corner House we also recommend the Space House which was designed by Saskia from LA Guinea Pig Rescue and have become extremely popular. They are both roughly the same size but the Space House is made from untreated pine and has a funky rainbow design on the top!

If you want to go for true luxury, are willing to splash out on your guinea pigs and you have a very large cage then we can wholeheartedly recommend the Guinea Pig Mansion from Resch

This is a fabulous double tiered palace that is great if you have several guinea pigs and the space required (it measures 55cm wide x 39cm deep and is 33cm high. It even comes with it’s own balcony!

There is loads of space inside so your piggies won’t be arguing about whose turn it is to go inside! You can buy the Resch Guinea Pig Mansion here on Amazon…

Snuggle sacks / sleeping bags

Snuggle sacks are like sleeping bags for guinea pigs. Made from fleece, these cosy sacks offer a warm, dark and soft place to hide and rest. 

Most snuggle sacks are handmade to order and are available in different sizes, colours and funky designs too.

If you have outdoor piggies, snuggle  sacks (especially the larger ones) are perfect as they keep the heat well once they’re in there and are a good protection against draughts, but indoor guinea pigs love them too! They do need washing on a regular basis so you will need more than one set.

All guinea pigs will appreciate a snuggle sack but skinny pigs and those with sensitive skin will love the softness they offer.

guinea pig snuggle sack

Cosy tunnels

Cosy fleece tunnels have a dual purpose as guinea pigs will love to run in and out of them and will also love to sleep inside where it is warm and dark. There are many options including some lovely handmade tunnels. 

We wouldn’t recommend tunnels with boning as they are virtually impossible to wash. The best ones are the thick cosy fleece tunnels handmade on Etsy that are available in a great choice of colours and designs.

When you are trying to bond guinea pigs, it’s a good idea to have no enclosed spaces with only one entrance. With two entrances a guinea pig can always escape another if they are being bullied giving them the space they need. Therefore these fleece tunnels are ideal for bonding situations.

Hooded beds

Our guinea pigs love the hooded beds but are not fully enclosed so don’t offer the dark space that your guinea pig needs. However, they are great if you have the space for both.

Hooded beds are usually made to be quite sturdy but soft and cosy inside. Like the snuggle sacks, they will need washing regularly as your piggy may poop and pee in there! 

Although similar to the hooded beds, we prefer the Haypigs Circus Tent. It benefits from a darker space, is easier to wash and dry and it comes with 2 removable pee pads. Plus it is fun and looks amazing! 

Haypigs Circus Tent for guinea pigs

Beds / mattresses

Guinea pigs love crashing out on a lovely soft bed. We wouldn’t advise these in an outdoor environment as they don’t offer protection from the weather but they are great for indoor guinea pigs providing they also have somewhere dark to go too.

Our guinea pig’s favourite bed of all time has to be the Haypigs Crash Mat - the fleece is beautifully soft and we love the design. It also washes well and dries quickly.

Haypigs crashmat - a guinea pig bed


A pigloo is a plastic house like an igloo (hence the name!). It has one entrance so minimises any draughts. 

Easy to clean, these plastic houses are available in various bright colours. Because they are made from plastic they are very light and we found our guinea pigs had a habit of moving them around the cage and even tipping them upside down which can be a good reason to opt for a wooden house instead.

If your guinea pigs are outdoors you could stuff your pigloo with lots of soft hay to help insulate it and to keep your piggies warm in the colder weather. However, a wooden corner house would likely offer more warmth. 

Pigloos can take up quite a bit of room if you have the minimum cage size requirements (120x60cm) so are better in larger environments. 

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